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The following article calls for recognition of IMD in the UK.

Sunday, 02 March 2008


It is International Women's Day on Saturday 8th March 2008, the annual excuse to talk about 'female oppression' at the hands of men. There are 173 events planned in the UK (link), the question is should there be an International Men's Day and what day would that be?

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"the question is should there be an International Men's Day and what day would that be?"

Posted by: Thomas Pollock | Thursday, 20 March 2008 at 23:54

While women are facing physical oppression in society, men are on the rise to be facing psychological oppression. I don't see any international day rushing to commemorate the fact that men suffer from higher suicide rates. Those are typically a direct parallel to the the higher standards men are held to.

I'm all for helping women overcome physical abuse, but every time such a topic is brought up, it becomes a direct attack against all men. Considering the higher level of social stress men are put through (ie: being told they have to be a provider or being told they have to be leaders or WHATEVER) are people really surprised that they're alleviating that stress through violence?

I'm not at all excusing men for abusing women, but it's definitely time to get past the stupid thought "All men are violent animals that just want to kill and rape" and try to figure out WHY levels of violence raise in males. It's obviously not biological because it doesn't apply to EVERY man. Modern feminists and women are really being overly spiteful toward mankind. Rather than rehabilitating society, feminists want to glorify themselves and paint the picture than men are brainless savages.

There's no equality at all and celebrating IWD isn't going to bring us any closer to equality. Instead of dedicating one day out of the year to ending violence against women... How about we just work every single day to even the playing field in society? To destroy stereotypes and bring a new, understanding order to the world. Feminism is getting out of hand. That's the main summary of my comment.


[Stop Press] In November 19 2008 the invitation was taken up by Kent University in what we believe to be the U.K. inaguration!! (see below)



U.K. Inauguration 2008

On November 2008 an invitation went out to Kent university students to come and celebrate International Men's Day at Mungos! This event was organized and coordinated by Canterbury's Kent University student organization 'Raise and Give' (or RAG as we are better known). RAG is Kent Unions charitable arm located in the Student Activities Centre which raises thousands of pounds for charity each year! The night started at 7pm with live soccer coverage of England v Germany on the big screen, and afterwards the evening heated up with a mixture of comedy and live music from student favourites, "Clacket Lane". There was a raffle including the chance to win some of the very latest computer games for X Box and PS3 alongside many more suprises! There was also a guitar hero competition and an X-box tournament with the chance to win more prizes. About 300 people attended with roughly equal numbers of males and females. The event was a resounding success and all participants had a memorable celebration.

All proceeds went to ORCHID a charity for all male cancers, including prostate, penile or testicular cancer. Male attendees at International Men's Day were invited to buy a "Know Your Balls" wrist band at Mungos campus bar and get entry discounts at the Venue for afterwards. Orchid plays a leading role in the fight against male cancer through research and awareness and by supporting patients.

U.K. IMD sources:
- University of Kent Raise and Give newsletter, November 2008
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