International Mens Day

International Calendar for 2010


As dates and holidays can vary greatly we encourage each country to make their own family- friendly men's movement calendar to help remember International Men's Day.

1st January            New Years Day
7-14th February    International Marriage Week
14th February        Valentines Day
14th February       Chinese New Year
8th March               International Women's Day
30th March            Passover
2nd April                Good Friday
9th May                  Mother's Day
15th May                International Day for Families (UN)
14-19th                  June International Men's Health Week
21st                        June Father's Day USA
9th September     Jewish New Year
2nd October         Mahatma Gandhi Day (India)
11th November   Remembrance Day
19th November   International Men's Day
20th November   Universal Children's Day (UN)
25th November   Thanksgiving USA
7th December     Islamic New Year
25th December  Christmas Day